Airport Parking offers a UK airport parking comparison and online booking service. For a fair few years now it has generally been cheaper to book your holiday parking online than to just turn up on the day and pay the daily "gate" prices (as much as 60% cheaper in some cases). Booking online in advance also guarantees a space for your car in whichever airport car park you pre-book.

A few years ago, the UK airport parking industry was a fair bit different to what it is today. You could book online, usually at one or two on-airport car parks (owned by the airport) and at the larger airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow you could also book a small handful of independent off-airport car parks, where the price would generally be lower due to a longer transfer time to and from the airport terminals.

Also a few years ago (I'm talking 2004/2005), prices across the parking providers were much more varied than they are now. (then aggregated prices from five different suppliers (Holiday Extras, BCP, FHR, APH and Travel Extras). These suppliers each had direct contracts with their own portfolio of car park companies and fed their prices and availability through to's search results. Back then, these were the main suppliers of airport parking in the UK, and quickly became a major online player for the pre-booking of Gatwick parking, Heathrow parking and car parking at most other commercial UK airports.

Step forward to 2013 and things are a lot different. The supplier 'Travel Extras' went under, BCP has been bought by Holiday Extras and a wealth of other parking suppliers have either entered the market or have become more prominent. Car park prices now generally have parity across most of the suppliers and there are a lot more parking options available, including many more off-airport car parks and a variety of Meet and Greet services.

So where does this leave a website that compares airport parking? Well, even given the price parity situation across suppliers, you can still benefit from using for the following reasons: -


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