GBRegRun.exe can be used to aid in running portable versions of GameBase. It's purpose is to register COM components (such as the required dll files that GameBase relies on) and run applications.

The default configuration is setup to register GBFuncs.dll, GBSql.dll, and Gemus.dll, and then to run GameBase.exe. Normally, if you have run the GameBase installer, these DLLs will already have been auto-registered, but if they are not (i.e. you are attempting to run GameBase from portable media, or you have downloaded a new GameBase beta with no setup installer), then you will probably need to run GBRegRun.exe, as GameBase will not run unless the aforementioned dlls are registered.

GBRegRun.exe takes commands from the ini file GBRegRun.ini, which must be placed in the same folder. An example of the ini file is an ideal way to explain how to configure it: -


;mode=silent (shows no errors, and hides regsvr32.exe output)



;commands (executed in the order they are listed): -

;reg=   registers COM component using regsvr32.exe
;unreg= unregisters COM component using regsvr32.exe
;run=   runs a program without waiting for it to finish
;wait=  runs a program and waits for it to finish before continuing 

;filenames specified are relative to GBRegRun.exe, e.g.  ..\somefolder\foo.exe
;or you can specify full absolute paths, e.g.  C:\foo\bar.exe