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The Add_CLP2() function adds text to the emulator's command line arguments. It does not automatically add quotes around long filenames if they contain spaces. If you wish to have the quotes automatically added, use Add_CLP().




Argument Required Description
text Yes The text to add to the emulator's command line. Any script environment variables found in text will be replaced by their actual values when the script is executed.



Add_CLP2( -autotype "LOAD")

Note the “ ” (space) at the start of the second example's arguments. This is needed when continuing the command line across multiple Add_CLP2() calls, because the exact contents enclosed within the parentheses is directly appended to the command line. If you called both examples above one after the other, without including the space character in the second example, the resulting command line would be:

%gamefile%,%imageindex%-autotype "LOAD"

instead of:

%gamefile%,%imageindex% -autotype "LOAD"


You can call this function multiple times, each one adding more text to the emulator's command line. If the script is set to use long filenames, any replaced environment variables that correspond to a filepath or filename will NOT be surrounded by double quotes (“”) if they contain a space character.

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