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Importing Favourites and Personal Info from Other (older) GameBases

When downloading and installing a new version of a GameBase database (for example you have GB64 v4 and you want to upgrade to v5), you can import your personal info from the old version to the new version (as of v1.3 of the GameBase frontend)…

  • IMPORTANT: Firstly, you must backup your old database (.mdb) file.
  • Start GameBase with the *newer* database that you want to import the data *into*.
  • Select “Tools → Import Personal Info…” from within the GameBase Frontend.
  • You will see the following screen…

  • Press the “…” button to select your *old* (Source) database that you want to import *from* (the .mdb file)
  • Select the fields you want to import
  • In your new database, for new games that aren't in your old database, if you tick the “Reset selected fields to their defaults for all items that are not updated” checkbox, then these new games personal info fields will be set to their defaults (e.g. High Score will be cleared, Times Played set to 0, Rating set to “unknown”, etc). This is usually what is wanted when you import from an older database. Not ticking this checkbox will leave the new games with their existing values (which may have been specifically set by the database's maintainers).
  • Go ahead and click “Import…” when you are happy with your options - you will get a summary when the importing has finished.
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