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The Run_Emulator() function runs the emulator with any command line arguments that have previously been set using the Add_CLP() or Add_CLP2() functions.




Argument Required Description
DOSCLOSE No If the literal string DOSCLOSE is supplied as a function argument and the emulator runs in MSDOS mode, the DOS command window will be automatically closed when the emulator closes. You should only supply this parameter if the emulator runs in MSDOS mode.





On some systems, running programs in MSDOS mode restricts the command string to a certain length. If you find that the emulator will not execute, try reducing the length of the command line arguments. A common reason for this is because you have added the game's path to the command line arguments and the path is too long or has too many subfolders. Try moving your game path nearer to the root of it's current drive and ensure that you have selected to use short 8.3 filenames.

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